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Chatting about the book

I've enjoyed talking to these wonderful journalists, bloggers, podcasters and kind people on social. Hope you enjoy reading, listening and scrolling.


Chris Evans


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Friendly Instagram Message




Some kind words

Praise for How To Talk To Robots:
‘If you’re a woman who feels like the world of tech and AI is a boys club that you’ve been purposefully left out of, you might not be wrong! Artificial intelligence has the potential to hugely improve the lives of women or further propel us into a world even more dominated by the patriarchy. How to Talk to Robots is an essential and fascinating manual for every woman who wants to understand equality within an ever-changing, modern world. It is a VITAL text for every woman who wants answers to their questions – whether you know about tech or barely understand what AI means. READ THIS BOOK! It’s very important.’

Scarlett Curtis, Sunday Times bestselling author of Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

‘…[this book] taught me more than any book has ever taught me about AI’
Chris Evans, Virgin Radio

Praise for me before the book :)

‘Fast becoming one of the best-connected women in the UK…. Goldstaub is one of a small yet influential number of women who are reshaping the world of tech and how it reads – and interacts with our minds and bodies.’ VOGUE

‘There's a revolution under way ― and a woman called Tabitha Goldstaub is on a mission to make sure not only that London takes the lead but that women are given an equal role in it.’ EVENING STANDARD

‘Tabitha Goldstaub…is particularly alarmed by AI’s potential for gender bias and, in an effort to address this, is spearheading a campaign to get more women working in the field.’ THE GUARDIAN

‘Start training like a robot now, says CognitionX's Tabitha Goldstaub’ CAMPAIGN MAGAZINE

‘…she’s on a mission to make sure women are given an equal role in it [AI].’ GRAZIA

‘Intelligent machines can help us save the world. At the same time, they are susceptible to human prejudice, says entrepreneur Tabitha Goldstaub.’ FUTUREZONE

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